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OPP acquires .625" x 72" Braner slitting line

OPP expands its slitting capabilities by acquiring .625" x 72" Braner slitting line, which adds to the three existing lines. The new line will process CQ and HSLA Hot-Rolled, P&O, and coated steel coils up to .625" in thickness and 72" in width. The new heavy gauge capabilities will allow OPP to offer high-quality slitting services in a wide range of steel products, service various market segments, and provide better turnaround times. The new line is scheduled to start operations in September 2024

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OPP orders AGT 800 Thickness Gauge for Pickling Line

The New AGT 800 Laser Thickness Gauge will replace the existing Gamma Gauge on the pickling line. It will continuously measure material up to .400' thickness with .0004" calibration accuracy. AGT 800 will automatically track and store thickness data. Coil reports can be easily accessed and studied in great detail. PDF-formatted coil reports can also be generated for easy attachment into customer emails.

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OPP to install Reverse Osmosis water cleaning system

OPP has ordered a complete Reverse Osmosis (RO) water system for its pickling line. In addition to the main RO unit, the system will include carbon filtration and softener stations, an accumulation tank, and automated controls to ensure targeted water quality. The system will supply purified water to the rinsing section of the pickling line, greatly improving finished product quality and surface appearance.

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Pickling line modernization - new steering system

OPP has installed and successfully launched a state-of-the-art strip steering system on the Pickling Line. The EMG-designed and manufactured steering system is a highly responsive, fully automated system that controls and adjusts steel strip position in real-time during the pickling process. The system prevents edge damage and ensures a perfect pickled coil "wall." The new system operates at line speeds up to 500 fpm.

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OPP expands its in-house metallurgical lab services

Ohio Pickling & Processing is offering mechanical properties testing by its upgraded in-house metallurgical laboratory. OPP Provides fast turn-around times for lab testing. Samples are cut from coils we receive for processing. Test reports are promptly completed by our own lab, including Full Stress-Strain Curve, Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, Total Elongation, N-value, Rockwell hardness, and more.

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OPP orders new GFG-Peabody Oiler

OPP ordered a new Peabody Electrostatic Oiler for its Pickling Line. The new oiler is designed to apply a uniform coating of electrically resistive fluid, such as oil, to a steel strip for the purpose of corrosion resistance or drawing lubrication. The specified Electrostatic Oiler is designed using the latest technological advances and will be used to apply a precise and uniform coating onto the top and bottom sides of a moving horizontal steel strip. The equipment is capable of applying a variable amount of coating. The equipment delivery and installation are scheduled for the 2nd Quarter of 2024

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OPP enhances its turbo circulation system in pickling

OPP enhances its Turbo circulation system on the Pickling line to provide the most efficient turbulent pickling. The upgraded system creates a high amount of turbulence around the strip, increasing the cleanliness of the strip and the rate at which the scale is removed. The modernized Turbo system will reduce evaporation and, thus, the energy required to heat the hydrochloric acid. The system will operate at line speeds up to 500 FPM.

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OPP upgrades ISRA Parsytec inspection and defect-recognition system to the latest technology. The unique multi-stage classification technology provides exact defect recognition, naming and recording during pickling. Fast, accurate and intelligent classifier delivers outstanding classification performance. In addition to surface charts, the new, highly reliable upgraded system will record and provide coil width charts, a significant benefit for production optimization.

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OPP Completes Strip Drying System Upgrade

OPP completes the installation and commissioning of a new high-efficiency strip drying system in pickling. The system consists of a set of Sonic air knives placed on top and bottom of the strip. The air knives are fed by energy-efficient blowers, ensuring complete dryness of the pickled strip as it exits the rinsing section of the pickling line. The new system improves quality and process yield by eliminating possible staining defects caused by moisture carryover.

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OPP Completes 2022 ISO 9001 Audit

Ohio Pickling and Processing team completes the 2022 ISO 9001 audit. The Audit report has had ZERO findings, a testament to the OPP's rigid production and quality control practices and systems.

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OPP Launches New Braner .25" Slitting Line

Ohio Pickling & Processing has launched a new Hi-Performance Braner/Loopco Shape-Correction Turret Head™ Slitting Line with Automatic Slit Coil Packaging. The new equipment has the capacity to efficiently process 35-ton x 72” wide hot rolled, cold rolled, and coated coils with ultra high-strength mechanical properties ranging to 290,000-psi (2000 MPa). The Slitting Line features tight-line, single-loop, and double-loop operating modes plus in-line CNC shape-correction leveling to produce superior quality slit coils.

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OPP launches its own trucking operations

OPP launches its own trucking operations. OPP will provide reliable transportation services to our valued customers. OPP trucks will carry up to 106,000 Lbs of payload and operate day and night shifts, safely delivering pre-process inbound and post-process outbound loads to our customers.

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