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Unparalleled Perfection

Using closed-loop control, our pickling line leveling AutoFlat system reads the shape of the strip as it leaves the leveler and automatically adjust roll-bending to achieve and maintain a flat strip. AutoFlat works on the fly and is the only leveler application that provides a dynamic readout of strip shape under tension, the most accurate way to read shape.

See the advantages of our automated leveling system are significant, particularly when compared with manual leveling systems in this comparison chart, or click below to see a video of our leveler in action.

See our Leveler in Action

Common Correctable Shape Defects

Virtually all shape defects in flat rolled strip are caused by non-uniform dimensions and most can be corrected by our leveler. When flat metal strip is really flat, all the dimensions of the strip are equal. This means that thickness is uniform; the length of the strip is uniform from edge to edge and in line with the strip. If any of these dimensions are not in uniform, the strip tends to have bad shape. At Ohio Pickling & Processing, we commonly correct these defects:

Coil Set

Top side is longer than the bottom side in line with the length of the strip.

Cross Bow

Top or bottom side is longer than the other side. Length differential can be in line with the strip or from edge to edge. This is relatively easy to correct.

Edge Wave

Edges are longer than the center across the width and in line with the strip. More difficult to correct, but can still be corrected.

Center Buckle

Center is longer than the edges across the width and in line with the strip. More difficult to correct, but can still be corrected.

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