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Our Pickling Line

At a length of nearly 600 feet, our pickling line features, four hydrochloric acid bath tanks with concentrations ranging from 2% to 12.5%, held at 170° to 180° F. The line has a capacity of processing 550,000 tons per year of hot rolled or HSLA steel per year and produces Pickle Dry or Pickle and Oil (P&O) for various surface critical applications including painting or plating.

Our pickling line operations offer pickling, in-line roller leveling, in-line top and bottom automated inspection, and electrostatic oiling.

Dry Pickle, Pickle & Oil


Metric Specification
Maximum Gauge & Width .375 x 48″
.3125 x 60″
.250 x 72″
Minimum Gauge .056″
Minimum Width 30″
Maximum Coil Weight 70,000 lbs. entry
60,000 lbs. exit
Coil I.D. 23″-31″ entry
24″ exit
Coil O.D. 41"-84" entry
41"-74" exit

Advanced Surface Inspection System

Our Pickling Line uses Parsytec’s automated surface inspection system to detect and classify all relevant defects on strip steel surfaces. With our Parsytec system, we provide perfect inspection throughout the pickling process to ensure final product quality and to record any strip defects that allow our customers to optimize their manufacturing processes and increase production yields.

Our processes ensure stain-free finished material, and we have adapted our systems to handle a wide range of materials, including sizes and strengths that other processors cannot.

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